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Brewed at King Road
with local ingredients.

A pint of beer at the King Road Brewing Co bar

At King Road Brewing Co, we love natural. Almost every part of our venue is constructed using recycled materials. That is, except our brewing facilities. KRB aims to provide our guests with the highest quality beers on the market, and we use state of the art equipment to ensure the most cutting-edge technology in our beverage creations.

At KRB, we love to experiment with new recipes to create innovative, delicious beers and ciders for you. We take no shortcuts and we never compromise on quality. We are passionate about following tried and tested processes to ensure a consistent product for our guests. Greater care requires more time and effort, but the results speak for themselves. Every time.

Every one of the beers and ciders we brew at KRB has a handcrafted feel to it, with a truly world class flavour and texture. Come and try our King Road Brewery beers and King Road Brewery Ciders today to see for yourself. KRB is your favourite down south brewery close to Perth.

Our Beer Range

KRB believes in supporting the community that supports us. Wherever possible, we source the ingredients for our beers locally, which guarantees absolute quality and freshness, while helping sustain our community. Every ingredient we use at KRB is carefully selected to ensure the best experience for our guests.

Most of our beer selection is available throughout the year. We also offer seasonal beers depending on the availability of ingredients. From time to time, our brewers like to experiment, creating KRB Limited Editions that truly must be tasted to be believed – these won’t last long so get them while you can! Why not try one of our fine, handcrafted beers today.

Our Core Range

Always on tap.

King Road Apple Cider 4.8% ABV 375ml

KR Classic Cider

Traditionally pressed dry cider made from locally sourced apples. Crisp, clear and refreshing.
King Road Ginger Beer 3.5% ABV 375ml
KR Ginger Beer
Homemade ginger beer is the perfect thirst quencher. It delivers a punchy ginger bite but balanced out with the right amount of sweetness to soften the palate. Best served over ice with a slice of lime. (GF)
King Road Mid 3.5% ABV 375ml
KR Mid

Somewhat of a hybrid style – it is somewhere between an English Bitter and an American Session IPA. A blend of English and American hops work together to generate soft citrus and tropical notes, balanced by caramel malt in the background.

King Road Lager 4.2% ABV 375ml
KR Lager

A crisp Aussie lager bittered with a classic Australian hop – Pride of Ringwood. Super refreshing and easy drinking, the perfect beer for a hot afternoon.

King Road Pilsner 4.5% ABV 375ml
KR Pilsner

A traditional pilsner – light, clean, crisp and refreshing – but with a little twist. We turned to New Zealand for the hops, Nelson Savin hops are used late in the boil which give subtle fruity characteristics.

King Road Brewing Co Drink
KR Belgian Wit

A Belgian style of Wheat beer that is light, crisp and very refreshing. True to style we have added Orange Zest and Coriander Seeds which give some depth and complexity, as well as fermenting with an authentic Belgian yeast strain.

King Road Brewing Co Drink
KR Summer Ale

A beer made for summer – light, refreshing and low bitterness. Pours a hazy straw colour, the malt profile is light, with passionfruit and pineapple notes sneaking through from the use of Australian Galaxy hops.

King Road Pale Ale 5.2% ABV 375ml
KR Pale Ale

This is an American style pale ale – full of new world hops such as Amarillo and Citra. Vibrant tropical aromas, a little caramel sweetness on the palate, and a crisp bitterness to balance things out.


Another IPA, another new hop variety to showcase! Featuring the hop ‘Strata’ from the US, expect tropical, citrus and even strawberry notes. A hop lovers dream!

KR Stout

Expect hints of coffee, chocolate and roasted character in this jet black pint of goodness. Over the cooler months of the year we nitrogenate this beer for that silky smooth mouthfeel.

Our Seasonal Beers

Cool in summer, warm in winter.

King Road Irish Red 4.7% ABV 375ml
KR Fresh Hop Pils

Freshly dried Victoria and Nugget hop cones from Preston Valley Hops – used with restraint to create a delicate and balanced pilsner. Bready notes and a soft bitterness lead into a light floral and earthy hop profile. Easy drinking – this one won’t last long!

King Road Irish Red 4.7% ABV 375ml
KR Irish Red
Rich caramel malt sweetness and a silky smooth mouthfeel – this will see you through the coldest of winter nights.

KRB Limited Editions

Get them while they last!

King Road Wet Hop Ale 5.0% ABV 375ml
KR Wet Hop Ale

We visited our mates @prestonvalleyhops and picked out the best hops they had on offer. We were lucky enough to use these hops ‘wet’ meaning they were picked in the morning and in the kettle by early afternoon – they were never dried. The fresh and vibrant hop characters have really come through in the beer – a noticeably different flavour profile to your regular Pale Ale.

Our Cider Range

From those early days brewing in our shed on the family farm, we have grown to a dedicated venue with a stand-alone brewery. These days, we’ve moved on from the home-made press and now use state of the art equipment for our cider creations. But we still use our secret family recipe developed by Bev and Dave all those years ago.

Our apples are sourced from suppliers in the Perth hills or all the way down south in Manjimup to ensure an entirely local and quality product. Every ingredient we use at KRB is carefully selected to ensure the best experience for our guests. Everything comes directly from our local producers and suppliers to you. Why not try one of our fine, handcrafted ciders today.

King Road Apple Cider 4.8% ABV 375ml

KR Classic Cider

Traditionally pressed dry cider made from locally sourced apples. Crisp, clear and refreshing.
King Road Ginger Cider 4.8% ABV 375ml

KR Ginger Cider


Our classic cider infused with ginger. A sweet and spicy twist on our beloved classic.

King Road Brewing Co – Hand Crafted Artisan Ales
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